Gas logs provide beauty and warmth for a realistic looking and practical setting.There is no mess, smell or allergies associated with gas logs, making them the perfect solution for having a fire when you want one. Gas logs come in a large variety of log styles with high definition bark and natural colors for authentic wood realism. Vent free gas logs use a minimum of gas, offering money saving fuel efficiency. This type of gas log includes an oxygen depletion sensor for safe unvented operation. Vented gas logs can be enhanced with accessories such as refractory pine cones, remote control systems, ember flame boosters and grate facings. When lit by natural or propane gas, gas logs invite fireside warmth and atmosphere.

Peterson, Hargrove


  Decorate a fireplace with ornate fireplace screens, or fireplace doors. Enhance a hearth with a complimentary tool set, bellows, log rack, wood basket, and colorful hearth rug. Accessories are availible in traditional, rustic or contemporary styles.  
  Uniflame, Dagan,

The industry’s finest and most elegant glass doors for your prefab or masonry fireplace. Many custom options available, even replace your mesh curtains with sturdy mesh doors. Available in a variety of distinctive styles and frame finishes. Easy Installation.  
Thermorite, Portland Willamette, Stoll